Wills & Legacies

You can change lives forever by leaving a lasting legacy. Become an AWSS Dream Builder. Remembering animals in your Will provides a lifeline to neglected, abandoned and lonely animals who otherwise would not receive care. Most of the animals that come into our care have never known love or a gentle human touch. It is up to us to ensure these animals find true happiness in a loving home.

Despite their often traumatic and disturbing pasts, they nevertheless have an enormous capacity for love and loyalty. Like you and me, all they really want is to feel safe and loved, and in return you will receive a life time of loyalty, licks and love!

By leaving a gift in your Will, you help to pay for all the love, shelter, warmth and medical treatment these poor animals need and so justly deserve. But most of all, your generosity and kindness transforms the lives of our animals and gives them a bright new future to look forward to.

We want to be sure your wishes are met and that your gift to us helps the lives of the animals and communities you have chosen. For this reason and to prevent the forfeiture of funding, it is important you use the registered Society’s name: Animal Welfare Society of Stellenbosch. In cases where a Will has already been made and it is now desired to benefit the Animal Welfare Society of Stellenbosch it is only necessary to append a Codicil to the existing Will.