Get involved

Our mission is to recognise all animals as sentient beings with an entitlement to a good quality life. A life devoid of pain and suffering.

If that’s something you feel passionate about, why not get involved in supporting Animal Welfare Society? There is something for everyone to get involved with:

  • Our late Chief Executive Hound, Colonel who loved his food suggested hosting a Come Dine with me Week among friends and the prize winner is always AWSS!
  • Early bird? Host a breakfast with friends and family , and ask them to donate the price they would pay in a local café.
  • Adventurous and active animal lover? Take on an active challenge such as cycling, running, rowing or even skydiving.
  • Smarty pants? Donate your time and expertise to AWSS projects.
  • Dog lover – join us daily between 10am and 3pm to walk and socialise with our shelter dogs.
  • Crazy cat lovers – if you are an experienced and reliable cat owner, offer to foster kittens. Otherwise all our cats just love a little chat and belly rubs.
  • Get down and dirty! Wash, clean and scrub kennels; tackle our laundry pile or sort out our storage containers, we need all the help we can get.
  • Event guru’s, why not donate your time to assist with upcoming events, volunteer on the day, sell tickets or help spread the word.
  • Lastly, in order for all our shelter animals to receive the best care and find their happily ever after’s we need continuous funding. Sign up for a debit order, Snap Scan donations, SMS to donate, swipe a MySchool card or drop your coins in our tins – together we can be the difference.